Public Works Department Ready for Snow, Are You?

Public Works Ready for Snow, Are You?
Posted on 12/08/2017

The Village’s Public Works Department handles snow removal and ice control for approximately 241 center-line miles of Village streets.

When snow accumulations are two inches or less, crews apply a salt/liquid deicer mixture to soften the snow and prevent ice from bonding to the pavement. The salt is pre-wetted with a liquid blend consisting of salt brine, liquid calcium chloride and sugar beet juice. The use of this liquid blend allows us to use less rock salt while achieving improved snow-melting performance. This pre-wetting of the road salt allows us to save money by using less salt while also using a more eco-friendly material.

When snow accumulations exceed three inches, the front-mounted plows are used to move the snow off streets and onto parkways. Plows will first clear the arterial and collector streets. Trucks will make two opening passes on all streets, then return later to plow the full-width of the street to the curb.

Not all streets are plowed by the Public Works Department. If you have concerns about the plowing conditions of certain roadways, please check the jurisdiction map to see which agency clears the roadway before placing your call. Phone numbers are included on the map.

Residentdiagram for best results in removing snow from driveways are advised to wait until after the plows have moved the snow to the curb before attempting to clean their driveway apron.

The Village has approximately 300 cul-de-sacs which are divided into 10 zones for plowing operations. Each zone is assigned a driver with a small pick-up truck or a 1-ton dump truck with a plow. These crews plow these tighter areas when snow is two to three inches deep or greater.

An additional crew is called in to clear eight miles of sidewalks around public parking lots, around areas leading to the downtown train station, and around Village owned buildings. The crew is typically able to clear all snow and ice from Village-maintained sidewalks using powered brooms, which help cut down the need for using salt. Walks are only salted as needed during ice storms of if there is a change for re-freeze.

A few reminders for the "snow season.":

Parking Restrictions

Parking is not allowed on Village streets from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. daily. In addition, no parking is allowed on Village streets after two inches of snowfall, until such time that the street is completely cleared of snow.

Snow Deposits on Streets

Snow cleared from private areas may not be deposited on public walks or streets. Snow cleared from walks or drives may not be deposited in the streets. Besides being against Village ordinance, these practices may result in hazardous conditions.