Public Comment Period for Federal Action Plan

30-Day Comment Period on Draft Federal Action Plan
Posted on 05/15/2018

The Village of Arlington Heights is making available for public comment its DRAFT Federal fiscal year 2018 Annual Action Plan (including the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) budget) for the program year starting October 1, 2018 and ending September 30, 2019. 

The Annual Action Plan contains a description of the Village’s plans for addressing the housing and community development needs in the Village during the program year.  The Annual Action Plan contains the amount of assistance expected to be received and the range of activities that may be undertaken.  Any activities to be funded by the Village of Arlington Heights through HOME, CDBG, ESG, HOPWA, Public Housing Comprehensive Grant or other HUD programs are described therein.  The Village anticipates that all federal funds will be used to benefit low and moderate-income residents of Arlington Heights, and the activities will not result in the displacement of any Arlington Heights residents.

Persons interested in receiving a copy of the DRAFT of the 2018 Annual Action Plan may telephone or pick up a copy during regular business hours, or access a copy on our website.

Copies can be picked up at the Village of Arlington Heights, Department of Planning and Community Development, 33 S. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Telephone: 847.368.5214  or TYY 847. 368.5794

Comments may be made to Nora Boyer at, via mail to the address above or by fax to (847) 368-5988.