Parking Rates Increase October 1st

Parking Rates Increase October 1st
Posted on 08/18/2017
Downtown Arlington Heights Parking Garage

Newly increased parking fees for Village-owned garages and surface lots will go into effect on October 1, 2017. The increased fees will be in effect for customers purchasing quarterly parking permits for the October – December quarter, which are on sale as of September 1.

The Village’s parking fees have remained unchanged for 12 years. Arlington Heights was found to be among the least expensive places to park following a survey done of parking rates charged in other downtowns near train stations. While this has been a good thing for commuters, the Village’s Parking Fund is currently in a deficit and in need of a fix for the imbalance.  Parking fees are a main source of revenue for the Parking Fund. To bring the Village’s parking fees more in-line with those charged by other area communities, and to improve the health of the Parking Fund, the Village has decided to implement the following increases, as well as add a $10 premium to non-resident monthly commuter parking permits.

Increase of Parking Permit Fees:

  • Daily commuter fee from $1.50 to $2.00
  • Monthly commuter fee from $30 to $40
  • New non-resident monthly commuter fee $30 to $50 
  • Reverse overnight commuter parking permits from $40 to $50
  • 24-hour residential permits from $40 to $50 

The cost of Downtown merchant parking permits will not be increased. Merchants should encourage employees to purchase permits to help free up on-street parking and parking spaces in the lower levels of the Village’s garages, which can be used for customers of Downtown stores, businesses and restaurants.

Parking fee increases for residents and employees of various residential buildings and businesses that contract with the Village for parking, may increase depending on stipulations of the individual agreements held with Hancock Square, Dunton Tower, Residences of Metropolis, Metro Lofts, AT&T and Arlington Towne Square.