Funding for Storm Water Improvement Projects 

Starting October 1, 2017, a storm water utility fee that will help fund storm water control programs and infrastructure improvements will be included on the Village’s water and sewer bills. Although there can be no guarantee against future flooding events, the Village’s storm water improvement projects will significantly address quality of life issues for many homeowners.
The new fee will be $6.25 per month for single-family homes, nonprofits, government entities and small businesses up to 40,000 square feet per billed meter. Larger businesses will be charged fees based on land size and number of meters, with costs ranging from $12.50 per month to $31.25.
The Village also enhanced its overhead sewer rebate program by providing a 75 percent reimbursement to qualifying homeowners who install an overhead sewer system or approved alternative flood control system in their homes. An overhead sewer installation, or an approved alternative, can help minimize basement backups during larger rain events. Residents with homes built before the late 1970s that are located in a combined sewer neighborhood may qualify for this newly increased rebate program. 
The new storm water utility fee enables the Village to move forward on meaningful storm water system improvements planned over the next several years. These projects have been identified from an analysis of comprehensive flood studies done after an historic rain event in July 23, 2011 that resulted in significant flooding.

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