Special Village Pickup of Fallen Branches

Special Storm Debris Pickup Starting Monday, December 10
Posted on 11/30/2018

To assist residents with cleanup efforts of fallen tree branches stemming from the recent snowstorm, the Arlington Heights Public Works Department will conduct a special debris pickup starting Monday, December 10.

The Village's first priority with the snowstorm was to manage snow removal and to remove large trees or tree branches needing immediate attention. Trees throughout the Village were extensively damaged from the severe snowstorm and while Public Works crews remain inundated with debris cleanup efforts, they will also provide a special debris pickup for branches that fell on private property as well.  Normally the Village does not offer the pickup of tree limbs from private property.

Private property tree debris must adhere to the following guidelines to be picked up:

  • All debris must be placed out at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on December 10
  • Only storm-related trees, limbs, and brush from single-family residences will be picked up
  • Tree limbs must be no larger than 8” in diameter
  • All piles shall be stacked in a neat fashion with cut ends of limbs facing the street, with branches as long as possible in a manner so as not to obstruct adjacent sidewalks or streets.  If debris is long enough to block the sidewalk, it should be placed parallel to the sidewalk
  • Professionally cut trimmings or tree removals will not be picked up
  • No firewood, tree stumps, root balls, or dimensional lumber are permitted
  • Debris shall not be bundled or otherwise placed in containers or bags
  • Crews will not rake parkways of small twigs or sticks
  • Public Works crews will not go onto private property to remove private property debris
  • Crews will travel down each street only once starting December 10
  • Any special conditions such as full trees require appointments to ensure compliance 

This program will continue until completed, expect delays due to weather.