Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle Sticker Enforcement
Posted on 03/21/2019
Vehicle Sticker

Beginning in April, the Village will pursue stronger enforcement with residents who have not purchased their annual vehicle sticker. The goal of stronger enforcement is to improve compliance with the requirement to purchase Village vehicle stickers. An estimated 77% of our residents already comply. The Village utilized the State’s database of registered vehicles in Arlington Heights to help determine who has not purchased a vehicle sticker. Failure to Comply letters will be sent out accordingly. At this time, a $10 late-fee is associated with all late vehicle sticker purchases. An ordinance change to increase the late fee to $30 will be voted on at the April 1, 2019 Village Board Meeting.

Residents who continue to not comply will receive a final notice in June, which will include a code enforcement ticket and date to appear for an administrative adjudication hearing at Village Hall. A hearing officer may set a fine of $50 to $750. If a sticker is purchased before the hearing, the Village will withdraw the ticket. Continued non-payment will result in the cost of the sticker, penalty, and hearing charges being sent to collections.

Vehicle stickers are a revenue source that helps pay for street maintenance, emergency response, police enforcement, and other Village services. In lieu of eliminating vehicle stickers and replacing the lost revenue with a 3% property tax increase or a .75% increase in the Food & Beverage tax, the Board approved implementing stronger vehicle sticker enforcement and collection procedures. Last year, vehicle stickers brought in $1.2 million. By implementing stronger enforcement, an estimated $200,000 in additional funds could come in.

 If you receive a letter in error, please contact the Village’s Finance Department at 847-368-5523.