Thomas Water Tank Repairs

thomas tank

As part of the Village’s Capital Improvement Program, the elevated water tank on Thomas Street, located at Arlington Heights Road and N. Ridge Avenue, is undergoing an interior and exterior painting process to help extend the life of the tank. The project also includes modifications of the ladder and exterior walkway around the tank. 

A fence surrounds the tank for construction safety, preventing the use of the sidewalk immediately located to the north and west. A shroud (tented curtain/containment system) will be installed over the tank to prevent over spray and to contain any removal materials on site that may come from the outer coating of the tank or its support structure as it is prepped for painting.

Once the shroud is in place, the contractor will begin abrasive blasting of the water tower to remove old paint, corrosion and mill scale from the steel. This process provides a clean, prepared surface for the new coating (paint) system to bond to.  Residents living nearby the tank can expect louder than normal sound through late August. This is due to the high pressure air and abrasive grit hitting the steel shell of the tank.  This process will continue for a duration of approximately 11-12 days.

The tank will be painted light blue with dark blue lettering.

Progress Update as of September 26

Thomas water tank newly painted
The exterior roof of the tank is being finished after the containment tent was removed.  Lettering has been completed on the tank sides.

The interior of the tank has been completed with just minor areas remaining to be addressed.  Equipment is being removed from the site, and once that is completed, site restoration will begin.

Should residents experience dust or any other issues, please notify Rick Leber, Project Inspector with Robinson Engineering, Ltd. at 847-343-3366 or at; or Greg Bairaktaris with the water tank painting vendor at 773.447.6658 or; or Jeff Musinkski, Superintendent of Utilities at