Surrey Ridge Water Main Replacement

As part of the Village’s annual Water System Improvement Program, a water main replacement project is occurring in the Surrey Ridge neighborhood (click here to review map). The Village Board has awarded a contract for water main replacement to Mauro Sewer Construction. The Project Manager with Mauro, is Carmi Lullo and he can be reached at 847.803.2033. IMEG Engineering is the Village’s Engineer for this project and the contact for IMEG is Harlan Doland at 847.336.7100. Please feel free to contact the Project Manager or IMEG Engineering with questions on this project.

The water main installation project is part of the approved 2020 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) which includes funding of Water System Improvements. This project is part of the Village’s ongoing program to replace aging water mains throughout the Village. The Public Works Department evaluates and prioritizes water main replacement based on defect severity, occurrence interval of failures, service reliability and other related parameters. This year’s project includes the replacement of over 8,400 linear feet of water main. 

The new Surrey Ridge water main installation will occur in the street, on the side that the hydrants are currently located. Water service interruptions will occur but will be scheduled in advance. All customers that will be affected by a water service interruption will be notified 24 hours in advance of any scheduled shut-off. The duration of each water outage will not exceed three hours and would include a boil order for those affected.

During the construction, on-street parking within 500’ of water main installation will be prohibited between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Access to the driveways may be temporarily restricted during water main installation, and during concrete and pavement reconstruction.

Existing conditions have been photographed to document driveway, parkway, and street conditions, prior to construction. The photo documentation is used to ensure the area is returned to an equal or better condition.

Construction will begin with saw cutting of the concrete within the proposed pipe trench, followed by staging pipe in various locations along the proposed route. It is anticipated that installation construction will be completed in 65 days, and the restoration will begin afterward.

Saw cutting will generally begin (weather permitting) mid-May. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during this project.  Please feel free to contact Jeff Musinski, Superintendent of Utilities if you have any questions or desire additional information at or call 847.368.5800