Hydrant Flushing program 2020

Hydrant Flushing Begins September 28
Posted on 09/07/2020
hydrant flushing

The hydrant flushing program will begin September 28th in the center sections of the Village, with different neighborhoods throughout the Village scheduled between September 28 – October 7. Informational signs about the program will be placed throughout the neighborhoods when crews are present. The hydrant flushing ensures hydrants are operable and have adequate water flow for public safety purposes, for the residents and businesses. Please check the map of hydrant flushing to see when your neighborhood’s hydrants will be flushed.

During the hydrant flushing program you may notice that your water is discolored due to flushing. Please try not to wash white clothes until the water clears up (should clear up within an hour). If you believe it is taking a long time for the water to clear, please call Public Works at 847.368.5800 during the day, or 847.368.5300 at night. Staff will investigate and try to clear the discolored water. 

Hydrant flushing begins September 28 - September 29 for neighborhoods between Sigwalt Street north to Palatine Road; September 30 – October 1 for neighborhoods north of Palatine Road up to Hintz Road and neighborhoods south of Sigwalt Street to Central Road; October 2 -5 for neighborhoods from Hintz Road north to Dundee and areas south of Central to Golf Road and; from October 6 -7, areas of the Village that are located north of Dundee Road and south of Golf Road will be done.