Chapter 4 | Personnel

Each rule and each section of the Personnel Policy Manual is an independent rule. The holding of any rule or section to be void, invalid or ineffective for any reason does not affect the validity of any other rule or section. In the event that any of the policies in this Personnel Policy Manual are found to be in conflict with the laws of the State of Illinois, the rules of the Fire and Police Commission or any current collective bargaining agreement between the Village and some of its employees, the laws, rules or agreements shall take precedence.

4.1 Definitions of Terms Used in the Policy Manual

Benefit Accrual Date
The date an employee becomes eligible to accrue benefits.

Class Specification
A general description of duties for a job.

Classification Plan
A description of the various jobs that are performed; the compensation system, including pay ranges.

Date of Hire
Initial employment date with the Village.

Exempt Employee
An employee assigned to a management, administrative, professional, or supervisory position who, by nature of their assignment, is exempt from any overtime pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Full-Time Employee
Employees who are hired into positions budgeted for at least 37.5 hours per week for 26 pay periods per year.

Inactive Status
An employee who is off work due to an on-the-job injury or a non-work related disability or an approved unpaid leave of absence of more than 30 days.

Approved paid or unpaid absence from work.

Non-Exempt Employee
An employee assigned to a clerical, technical, or service position who, by nature of their assignment, is eligible for overtime pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Part-Time Employee
An employee who is regularly scheduled to work less than 37.5 hours per week.

Personnel Action
A change in status, pay, or job classification.

Probationary Period
The initial period in any Village job. The probationary period varies with different jobs. It is the time period during which the Village and the employee determine if the employee has demonstrated the ability and qualifications necessary to perform the job for which they were hired.

Any upward movement from one pay grade to a higher pay grade.

Reasonable Suspicion
Based upon specific, documented work performance, observed behavior, and/or appearance which is sufficient for at least two supervisors to believe an employee may be abusing or dependent upon drugs or alcohol.

A significant change in duties sufficient to warrant a change to another job classification.

Reduction in Force
Termination on a regular or temporary basis due to a lack of work or non-availability of funds, or when the Village determines it is appropriate.

Reduction in Pay
Movement to a lower pay step or to a lower pay range due to a reclassification or demotion.

Regular Employee
An employee whose term of employment with the Village is indefinite.

An employee with previous service with the Village who returns to work with the Village after more than a four-week separation.

Termination of employment with vested service in an applicable pension plan and attainment of the age required to receive a pension at the time of termination.

Review Date
The date an employee is to receive a performance evaluation and may be eligible for a pay increase.

Seasonal Employee
An employee hired to work for up to six months. The hiring of a seasonal employee in any season is not and should not be construed as any indication of the Village's willingness to hire such worker in any subsequent years.

Temporary Employee
An employee hired for a defined term or a specific assignment.

The end of employment with the Village, either voluntary or involuntary.

A person performing work or providing service to the Village of Arlington Heights without receiving pay or compensation. Continuing Position: A position where the volunteer serves the Village for more than one event or more than one time during the course of a year.

4.2 Employee Personnel Records

The Village ensures that personnel records for all employees remain confidential, except to the extent provided by law.

A. Personnel files contain information regarding pay, job performance, disciplinary action, commendations, records of attendance at training courses and seminars, and any other pertinent information.

B. Department directors are responsible for forwarding personnel related documents to the Human Resources Department for inclusion in their employees' personnel files.

C. Department directors are responsible to inform the employee of material they are placing in the employee's personnel file and must give a copy of the material to the employee if requested. Employees may provide a written rebuttal to any documents the employee sees in their personnel file.

D. In accordance with applicable law, employees may review and copy documents in their personnel files by filling out the Request to Review Personnel Records form provided by the Human Resources Department.

E. An employee may request that certain items be removed or placed into their personnel file. Requests must be made in writing to the employee's Department Director and approved by the Human Resources Director.

4.3 Employee Personal Information

The Village requires all Village employees to report all changes regarding address, telephone number, dependent and marital status, next of kin and beneficiaries to the Human Resources Department so that the Village has current personal information as needed for employee benefits and emergency notification.

A. Notification of a change in an employee's personal information should be made as soon as possible, but no longer than one week after the event causing the change.

B. The Human Resources Department will provide the employee with any necessary forms to be completed based on the information which has changed.

4.4 Licenses & Certifications

Certain positions require the possession of an appropriate driver's license or possession of necessary credentials or professional license to perform the responsibilities of the position.

A. All employees who are assigned work requiring the operating of a Village vehicle must submit proof of a valid driver's license upon hire and, periodically, as required by the Village. Any employee who does not hold a valid driver's license will not be allowed to operate a Village vehicle until the appropriate license is obtained.

B. If any license or certification privileges are suspended or revoked, the employee has 60 days from the effective date of the suspension or revocation to recover their license or certification. During this 60-day period, at the discretion of the Department Director, the employee may be assigned to a position or duties that do not require the license or certification. If reassignment is not provided, the employee may be placed on an unpaid leave or the employee may choose to take vacation or compensatory time. If the license or certification is not regained at the end of the 60 days, a determination will be made as to whether the employee will be terminated or permanently reassigned to a different position not requiring the license or certification.

C. Any employee who fails to report a revocation, suspension or expiration of any required license or certification is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.