Favorable Demographics of Arlington Heights

Ideal Location:  Location is the reason Arlington Heights has become Chicago’s largest northwest suburb and why 4,000 companies call this community home. Arlington Heights is easily accessible by land, air and commuter rail: minutes off four major expressways, just eight miles northwest of O’Hare International Airport and only 45 minutes from downtown Chicago. Regular stops at Arlington Heights’ two Metra train stations get business commuters to downtown Chicago in 33 minutes during rush hour. The proposed Star Line transit system will have a future station in Arlington Heights. 

Area: 16 Square Miles
County: Cook
Government: Council-Manager
Population: 77,676 (2021 CMAP Data) 

Income: $103,988 average household income (2015 Census Estimate)
$87,790 median household income (2017 Census Estimate)
$42,725 per capita income (2015 Census Estimate)

Housing: 31,769 housing units (2015 Estimate)
75% owner-occupied
25% renter-occupied

Employment: 43, 304 jobs (UI-Covered Employment)

Office Development: 5 million square feet including major office complexes and headquarters

Industrial/Flex Development: 5.6 million square feet with three industrial corridors

Retail Development: 5.1 million square feet including 40 shopping centers $1.27 billion (Retail Sales 2017)

Entertainment: Metropolis Performing Arts Centre; Arlington International Racecourse, and CMX Cinemas

Lodging: Nine national chain Hotels and Motels Nearly 1,700 rooms

Restaurants: Approximately 200 Establishments

Movie Theaters:
One theater with six Screens