We are proud to work with our business partners in facilitating great business and development opportunities in the community. Thanks to local businesses that have shared their stories of how the Village, working with other local agencies, have been of assistance in their business venture. 

9Round Gym

Our goal was to bring something special to the Chicagoland community, a unique concept and to make a difference in the fitness arena. The 9Round concept fit the bill. The 9Round workout is a copyrighted kickboxing themed workout called the 9Round Circuit Workout ©. 9Round is a specialized fitness center dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. Plus, 9Round is one of America's fastest growing fitness franchises. 

As in any business, location is key to success. 9Round has a core demographic we look for when locating in a site for our gym. We studied lots of areas but Arlington Heights kept popping up as a good match for us. We look for concentrations of people between 25 and 45 with strong representation in the age groups above and below that. Population wise it seemed like a strong match with over 100,000 people within 3 miles around our gym made up of people with relatively high household incomes. 

Arlington Heights is a family-oriented community and 9Round members all over the country seem to have one thing in common – a busy schedule, the desire to work‐out when they want, and recognition that the 9Round price value is unmatched, and an interest in a healthy fit lifestyle. Our litmus test is this: Does this town or village have its “act together” in support of it’s citizens and thinking for the future. Arlington Heights certainly does. A 9Round gym does not hold classes ‐‐ people can show up anytime during open hours and a trainer is always present, the trainer being provided a no extra cost. This fits well with the needs of people in Arlington Heights with their busy schedules. So It was a big “yes” when our study was done so the choice for gym #1 was obvious to us. 

The Village of Arlington Heights administration and Chamber of Commerce officials all supported us in our grand opening events and that’s a sign of a community focused on economic development. We are ahead of 1st year membership target and look forward to continued growth in serving the community with one of America's fastest growing fitness franchises. 

Tom Sagehorn
Managing Partner of 9Round of Chicagoland

Arens Control

Relocating your business is complicated and fraught with risk and the local government of the community to which you will move will play a major role in the process. It is critical therefore that you are working with competent professionals within the local government as you plan and execute the various activities involved in such a major endeavor. Having moved our business to Arlington Heights I can tell you that the community has a team of professionals that have the knowledge, skill and ability to help make your move a success.

As a leader in the supply of critical controls and electronics to the fast growing electric vehicle industry, managing the growth of our company has been the focus of the Arens management team for the last several years. In early 2008 we decided to relocate to a larger facility and found the perfect building in Arlington Heights and we found the town waiting with open arms. The ability for the community to expeditiously address our needs was critical to the success of our relocation. 

Charles Perkins and the Business Development Coordinator from the Arlington Heights Business Development Team provided essential support and guidance. The first step was to obtain a property tax abatement which would make the Arlington Heights facility we wanted competitive with buildings in adjacent villages. Charles and the Business Development Coordinator helped make our case and the Village Board gave us the necessary support to get Cook County’s approval. 

As soon as we received the positive response on our tax relief we went full speed into the architecture and engineering associated with the changes we need to make to the building and the adjacent grounds. The Village Engineering Department moved fast in working with us through the design and construction to ensure that we met their requirements. In the end we were in the building and up and running within time to absorb the growth in our business. 

Now that we are doing business in Arlington Heights, the town has met our expectations particular well with demographics that strongly support the workforce needs of the company with highly engineered products and the community’s outstanding adjacencies to highways and major airports has made it convenient for our customers to come visit us. All in all it been a great success and I can highly recommend Arlington Heights as a community to grow your business in.

Ken Kunin, President CEO
Arens Controls Company LLC

Arlington Heights Ford

Since Arlington Heights Ford opened its doors for business at 801 W. Dundee Road in 1984, John and Tony Guido and their staff have developed it into the #1 Ford dealership in customer satisfaction in sales and service nationally for an unmatched 24 years consecutively.

They have grown with the community and with the assistance of the Village of Arlington Heights were able to acquire needed land to stay at that same location. They actively support local community and business endeavors. They were awarded Business of the Year award in 1998 and are also active with many local charities in the community. Tony Guido, dealer owner, served as president of the Economic Alliance and also serves on the school board for District 214. Noel Desbiens, retired controller served as Chamber Board President in 1994. Cindee Manaves, Fleet Manager, has been active in the Chamber of Commerce since 1998 and served as Chamber Board President in 2011 and currently resides on the Chamber Board of Directors.

Approaching 30 years at the same location, in the same business, serving the growing community Tony Guido states that he is proud to call Arlington Heights “home” for their family owned business.

Tony Guido, Owner
Arlington Heights Ford

Cooper's Hawk

The entire staff at the Village of Arlington Heights and the Planning and Community Development Department were true partners with all of us here at Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants from the time we signed our lease through today. We enjoy doing business with them and are grateful to be a part of the community!" 

Melanie Pierce 
Manager of Marketing Communications 
Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Dr. Paul Lederer, FCOVD and Dr. Neil Margolis, FCOVD

I  would like to thank the Business Development Coordinator, and the village, for the excellent level of support with regards to moving our vision clinic in Arlington Heights. 

We have unique ADA and parking requirements due to the fact that we provide vision therapy services for children with tracking or binocular vision problems. We also provide rehabilitation therapy for patients who have vision difficulties related to concussion or stroke.

Mike Mertes was able to provide an instant print out of places that would meet our needs. He physically checked out concerns at specific locations, such as wheelchair accessibility, and helped us navigate through the steps required by the village for appropriate permits. 

He also helped us meet our moving deadlines, by personally contacting me with any concerns that came up with regards to the building permit, and was happy to work with our commercial agent. Thanks to Mike and the village, we moved on time and are enjoying our new, expanded and customized space. 

My staff is very happy in our new vision clinic, and patients are constantly complimenting us on the positive ambience of the new space. Thank you Mike and village staff for a job well done!

Dr. Neil Margolis, O.D., F.C.O.V.D Developmental/Rehabilitation Optometry 
3250 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite 109 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 Phone: (847) 255‐1040