Forestry's Tree University

The Village made a massive investment in the reforestation of the urban forest following the Emerald Ash Borer. In an effort to protect this investment, the Forestry Unit recognized the need to reach out and educate the community on the importance of proper care for newly planted trees.  The Forestry Unit, comprised of nine certified arborists, created the “TreeU” Program to implement this goal.  TreeU allows for a unique enrichment of our community, leading to a healthier urban forest. 

TreeU is a positive community outreach that allows the Forestry Unit to educate our current and future residents on the benefits of trees and the importance of proper tree care. TreeU partners with educators to focus on current forestry related topics that are relevant to their students’ curriculum. The focal week of TreeU is the final week of April, beginning on Earth Day and extending through Arbor Day.  

When the program started in 2016, two schools, Greenbrier Elementary and Juliette Lowe Elementary, immediately took advantage by inviting Forestry Unit staff to participate with their classes.  Staff used the time to educate the children about why the Village removes and replants trees, why trees are important to our world, and how to maintain newly planted trees.

The Forestry Unit, along with the help of students planted an oak tree in the parkway adjacent to the school.  After the tree was planted, each child was able to spread a small amount of mulch around the tree, so they were all a part of planting this new tree.  To remember the day, the children were given a small tree sapling to plant at their homes. 

Forestry Unit staff plan to continue advertising and improving the TreeU Program in the future.

Annual Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day celebration
On April 29 of each year,  Arbor Day is celebrated in conjunction with the Arlington Heights Park District and a District 25 elementary school.

Representatives of all local governmental agencies, along with students, gather for the annual celebration by honoring the value of trees in our community and adding the final touches of  planting of a new tree.
Continuing with the Village’s emphasis on diversifying the urban forest,
 a different type of tree is planted each year, which will be part of the Forestry' Division's effort each Arbor Day going forward.

For over 30 years, the Village has been recognized as a Tree City USA. The Village has also received the Tree City USA Growth Award for a several years. Both awards recognize the Village for its urban forestry programs and commitment to maintaining and growing our urban forest.