Projects, Plans & Programs

Village departments are often engaged in a variety of projects, programs and studies. This section provides information on some of the current research and/or process improvement projects that are of the greatest public interest.

Arlington 425 Project

In March, 2021, a revised-down version of the Arlington 425 development project, a residential and commercial mixed-use development planned for the Downtown is to be discussed by the Design Commission and Plan Commission. This proposed development by CCH LLC is planned for the south end of a long vacant parcel in the Downtown bounded by Highland, Campbell and Chestnut. 

Revisions made to by the developer to the Arlington 425 include:

  • Eliminating the proposed seven-story Highland residential building that included six stories of parking (13 stories) and replacing it with a four or five-story parking garage.

  • Changing the Campbell Street building from a nine-story building with182 residential units and commercial space on the first and second floor, to a 10-story building with 26 more residential units proposed in place of the second-floor commercial space and 7,900 square feet of commercial space on the first floor.

  • Adding a story to the 54-unit, four-story building facing Chestnut Avenue to a five-story building with 34 additional residential units.

View new renderings here.

These proposed revisions to the Arlington 425 development change the total number of residential units from 361 to 322 under the newest proposal and reducing commercial space from 43.800 square feet to 7,500 square feet.

This $150 million development was approved by the Village Board in May 2019 after extensive review. In August 2020 the developer was granted an extension to zoning approvals on the site until June 2021. 
For questions about the project, please email

Hickory Kensington Area Plan

In 1991, the Village Board amended the Comprehensive Plan by designating several areas as redevelopment project areas as part of the Comprehensive Planning Program. One area designated was the Hickory/Kensington area, defined by Dryden Avenue on the east, Miner Street on the north, Northwest Highway on the south, and Belmont Avenue on the west.

Phase One Parking Improvements & Final Parking Study

A comprehensive assessment of downtown parking needs was conducted in May, June and July of 2018 by Rich and Associates, Parking Consultants retained by the Village of Arlington Heights.

A Phase One Parking Improvement Plan, resulting from the conducted study, was approved by the Village Board in January, 2019.

Background of Parking Study
With a vibrant downtown consisting of multi-story residential unit developments, retail shops, restaurants, offices, entertainment and other community assets, Village officials are looking to understand how the existing and future parking supply can be efficiently managed and support the many activities of downtown Arlington Heights.

Much of the assessment begins with the detailed utilization counts that were conducted in May, June and July of 2018.

During each of these months, three sequential days of counts (Thursday,Friday and Saturday) totaling nine survey dates provided information regarding on-street parking occupancy, public and private off-street parking occupancy and floor-by-floor parking utilization in the Vail, North and Evergreen underground garages. Nearly 100 percent of the available parking supply was included as part of this assessment.

Rand Road Corridor Study

The Village Board approved a study to be undertaken by Teska Associates on the Corridor Beautification Plan for Rand Road.  This stretch of Rand Road is a crucial retail district to the Village of Arlington Heights, providing significant amounts of sales tax and employment opportunities.  In working with Village Staff, Teska Associates is tasked with helping establish an identity for the Uptown shopping corridor by identifying potential improvements to enhance the area as a shopping destination.

Sigwalt 16

The Sigwalt 16 project is located in the Downtown, between Highland Ave & Chestnut Ave. It is a 16-unit luxury townhome development located immediately south of Arlington 425. The development calls for three buildings with heights up to four stories.  If you have any questions regarding this project, please email, and find more information on our projects map.