Arlington Heights, IL offers a unique combination of popular and well known favorites, with the opportunity to discover a new favorite at one of our many independently owned restaurants or shops. Search for a restaurant or shopping option in our Business Directory and learn more below! 

Food Scene: More than 100+ Restaurant Experiences

Arlington Heights is home to more than 100 restaurants. The heart of our Downtown includes nearly 30 restaurants and night life destinations that offer a variety of cuisine options  including sushi, authentic Irish food, tapas, gourmet burgers, Thai food, thin crust pizza, Italian dishes, Mexican food, and more!  Are you hungry yet? If you have great taste, you'll love what Arlington Heights restaurants have to offer! You can find wonderful dining experiences in Downtown as well as any other location in our community! Find a restaurant today

Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind experience or a new favorite restaurant to add to your "go-to" list, you can find it in Arlington Heights. If you're hosting dinner party, looking for live theater or music, food and drink events, outdoor dining in warmer months, or a lively night out with family and friends - find out for yourself why the Arlington Heights food scene is something you must experience!