Street Performers

The Village has adopted an ordinance that regulates Streets Performers, or Buskers, on the Public Rights of Way. 

  • Buskers will not require any type of permit or license
  • Except as part of a special event sponsored or approved by the Village, no street performer may perform or provide entertainment within a public right-of-way or public park before 10: 00 a.m. or after 9: 00 p.m., on any day
  • No street performer may obstruct safe vehicular, bicycle, or pedestrian passage along any street or sidewalk, or ingress and egress between a public right-of-way and any building. Buskers may not obstruct safe passage along any street or sidewalk or ingress/egress between sidewalks and buildings.
  • Buskers may not erect tents/structures
  • Buskers may not utilize any sound amplification at any time if they are within the area bounded by Arlington Heights Road, Chestnut, the Union Pacific Railroad, and Sigwalt. Note that this would allow demonstrators and/or buskers to use megaphones/amplifier north of the railroad tracks where many demonstrations currently occur, but would forbid any use of amplification (busking or demonstrators) in Harmony Park or anywhere else within the bounded area- with the exception of Village-sponsored events, including businesses using their own spaces as permitted by the Village.
  • Street performers may not plug any electrical device into any Village owned outlet, generator, or other source of electrical current.
Any one or more of the following shall be deemed to be nuisances:
  • Use of a microphone, speaker, megaphone or mechanical amplification device within the area bounded by Arlington Heights Road, Sigwalt Street, Chestnut Avenue, Wing Street, Highland Ave., and the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way, except as part of a special event sponsored or approved by the Village.
Violators of the ordinance are subject to ticketing.