Kaleidoscope Group

The Kaleidoscope Group, Village's Consultant regarding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

In order to achieve the Village Board's strategic priority on embracing diversity within our community and Village Government, the Village Board unanimously approved a contract on September 8, 2020, with the Kaleidoscope Group, a consultant group experienced in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC, is recognized among the top 10 pioneers in the Diversity and Inclusion industry. They are a certified minority organization enterprise (MBE), headquartered in Chicago. The consultant is committed to providing customized strategic solutions to address the specific needs of an organization’s culture and to providing customized strategic solutions to address the specific needs of an organization's culture. They drive sustainable measurable results in the workforce, workplace, community, supplier base and marketplace.

In partnership with the Village, the consultants will review community demographics and current Village practices, meet with Village officials, internal leadership and staff, and will host community engagement sessions to listen to the perspectives of community members about these issues in Arlington Heights. This information will be reviewed to determine what potential improvements can be made in terms of the Village’s approach to DEI. The review will help ensure the Village is doing all it can do to optimize a sense of belongingness, outreach, engagement and inclusiveness for all Village employees and members of the community.

The Kaleidoscope Group’s role is to provide the Village with recommendations, best practices, and strategies for this important effort in creating an audit of current practices and a strategic framework for the future.  Learn more of about the Kaleidoscope Group's work with the Village by reviewing the materials they shared at the September 8th Village Board meeting.
This effort will begin in fall 2020 with final recommendations in early 2021.