National Community Survey

In April 2023, the Village of Arlington Heights conducted its first ever National Citizen Survey, which surveyed residents in order to provide feedback to Village Staff to help understand the community’s needs and perspectives. 

The National Community Survey (The NCS) was developed by National Research Center (NRC) at Polco. This scientific assessment measures 10 faces of community livability according to residents, focusing on:
  1. facets of livabilityEconomy
  2. Mobility
  3. Community Design
  4. Utilities
  5. Safety
  6. Natural environment
  7. Parks & Recreation 
  8. Health & Wellness
  9. Education, Arts & Culture
  10. Inclusivity & Engagement
The survey was sent to 2,800 randomly selected residences throughout Arlington Heights and provided an English or Spanish option. Recipients had the ability to complete the survey online or in paper format and 523 (19%) of surveys were completed. 

Key Findings Conclude That... 
  • Arlington Heights residents experience a high quality of life and a strong sense of community 
  • Residents generally feel safe in Arlington Heights and continue to prioritize safety within the Village 
  • Arlington Heights' educational and cultural opportunities are a valued aspect of the community 
  • Residents appreciate many aspects of the local economy but show concern about general affordability and their own economic outlook 
The results give a comprehensive look at the Village of Arlington Heights' strengths, areas of improvement, and resident priorities.  The NCS provides the Village of Arlington Heights with the ability to compare survey data with more than 600 other communities around the nation. Overall, the Village of Arlington Heights rated higher in 51 specific areas, similar in 71 areas, and lower in no areas, when compared to the benchmarks from 600+ communities. 

Results will be utilized to monitor trends and resident opinions over time, measure government performance, inform decision making and strategic planning, and compare our results with other communities. 

National Community Survey Results