Citizen Self Serve Portal For Online Permitting and Licensing

Village of Arlington Heights Citizen Self Portal (3)Online Permitting: Citizen Self-Service Portal
All residents, businesses, or contractors seeking a permit must utilize the Village's Citizen Self-Service Portal. The portal provides users with a robust user interface and helpful tools including a user profile that will allow submitters to track their permit process in real time, upload documents, schedule inspections and communicate with staff.

Citizen Self-Service Portal
By signing up for the Village’s new Self-Serve Portal, users will:
  • Apply for building permits (fencing, decks, driveways, pools, etc.), upload documents, schedule inspections, communicate with staff, and track your permitting process
  • Experience a better user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Schedule a building permit inspection
  • Special Event Permits
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Business Licenses
  • Zoning Entitlements and Applications
Citizen Self-Service Portal "How-To" Videos 

How to Sign Up as a New User

Permitting Process Video: Step-by-Step Video on How to Navigate the Citizen Self-Serve Permitting Process


How to Navigate Your Online Permit Process Through the Citizen Self Service Portal