Leaf Collection 2023

October 20, 2023
leaf raking The Village provides a 2-for-1 leaf collection program each year. During this time, use 1 sticker for every 2 bags of leaves placed at the curb. The 2023 Program runs through December 15th. More information at the Village's Landscape Waste Page

Reminder: Do Not Place Leaves in Roadways
Raking or blowing leaves into the street from a resident’s private property, or the Village’s parkway, violates Village ordinance. Residents are responsible for reminding landscapers not to move leaves into the street. Leaves piled in the street creates a hazard for the entire neighborhood. Leaves can clog street drains during a rain storm and cause unnecessary flooding. A leaf-covered street can also create a slippery road surface. If street sweeper crews reasonably identify leaves as having been intentionally placed in the street, they are instructed to go around those piles of leaves. Notices may be delivered to residents asking them to remove leaves they may have placed into the street.

Street Sweeping
Public Works staff continues to ensure roadways are cleared of leaves. Three leaf sweepers cover 19 zones in Arlington Heights taking roughly two to three weeks to sweep all the zones. During the heaviest days of leaf sweeping season, there is a potential for delays. Staff is working as quickly as possible to clear all leaves by early December. We ask for your patience as leaf removal continues.