Green Energy MC Squared Customers Return to ComEd

November 06, 2023
aggregation consultants

The Village of Arlington Heights has suspended its Green Electric Aggregation Program, because these rates have increased and participation is not currently beneficial. Residents served by MC Squared Energy Services will have their service moved back to ComEd default supply at their meter read date in December. Affected customers will receive a Confirmation of Change notice from ComEd in mid-November via postal mail. 

If you receive this informational notification, there is no need take any action. Your account will automatically revert to ComEd. The ComEd rate may be the most competitive rate at this time, although residents always have the option to move to any supplier of their choice.

Village of Arlington Heights and Electrical Suppliers
The Village is not continuing the program at any time, and endorses no supplier. If you are approached by a salesperson or solicitor, or receive any information that states they are partners with the Village of Arlington Heights - this is not accurate information. If you have any questions or special issues, please reach out to the Village’s consultant, Illinois Aggregation Consultants, at or 312-751-2202.

If Considering a Change to Alternative Electric Suppliers
Beware of low introductory rates that may be reset much higher and beware of any random added fees from alternative suppliers. Ratepayers are advised to never provide their ComEd account number to any solicitor unless they have received and understood contractual Terms & Conditions.