COVID-19 & Municipal Services Updates

Village's COVID-19 Informational Update
Posted on 08/07/2020
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This page will be updated with the latest COVID-19 information provided by the Village of Arlington Heights. Last update was August 7, 2020.

Recent Updates Include:

  • State Extends unemployment benefits
  • State Extends Rent/Mortgage Assistance
  • 911 Dispatch Center Introduces COVID-19 Online Assessment Tool
  • State's COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria
  • Indoor dining, other activities resume with restrictions
  •  Financial Assistance application for residents
  •  Phase 4 Restore Illinois

State Extends Unemployment Benefits
The Illinois Department of Employment Security announced August 6th that jobless benefits are extended another 20 weeks as unemployment numbers continue to grow because of the pandemic.

Announces Programs for Rental, Mortgage Relief
The State has extended the eviction moratorium to August 22nd and has created a $150 Million fund to assist individuals who cannot pay their mortgage or rent. The Illinois Housing Development Authority is developing programs for Emergency Rental Assistance and Emergency Mortgage Assistance for households who have lost income due to COVID-19. Both programs are currently under development.

  • Applications for Emergency Rental Assistance will be available on August 10.

  • Applications for Emergency Mortgage Assistance will be available on August 24.

If you need immediate assistance, please speak with your landlord or mortgage servicer about your specific situation. Please check back at in the coming weeks for more information.

COVID-19 Online Assessment Tool Launched by Northwest Central Dispatch System (NWCDS)
The Northwest Central Dispatch System, a multi-jurisdictional 9-1-1 center which Arlington Heights is part of, has implemented an online COVID-19 assessment tool to assist residents in the NWCDS service area. The tool can be used to assess symptoms or exposure related to COVID-19. Residents can utilize the tool found on the NWCDS website.

Users of the assessment tool answer a series of questions about symptoms and risk factors, and based on an algorithm, receive general advice about the recommended next steps. The system then offers informational resources, such as telephone numbers and websites, according to John Ferraro, Executive Director of NWCDS. The purpose is not to discourage residents from calling 9-1-1 if they feel an ambulance is needed, but rather as a resource to help make an informed decision.  

Residents can use the program anonymously, but by providing their zip code, they can help the track clusters of concern. In addition, users who choose to share a phone number or email address can receive reminders about monitoring their symptoms.

NWCDS works closely with Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights and under the direction of Medical Director, Dr. Matthew Jordan. “Northwest Community Hospital is proud of the way NWCDS is eager to help all residents navigate COVID-19”, stated Jordan. “We appreciate NWCDS leading the creation of a web-based tool to provide support and direction for citizens in our area.”

The COVID-19 Assessment, Tracking, and Triage tool was recently developed by Priority Dispatch, Inc., to help dispatch centers handle increased calls due to COVID-19.  NWCDS uses Priority Dispatch Inc., for Emergency Medical and Emergency Fire Dispatch.  “They are a trusted partner in public safety”, Ferraro said.  

llinois Regional COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria
The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is monitoring key indicators to identify early but significant increases of COVID-19 transmission in Illinois, potentially signifying resurgence. These indicators are calculated for eleven newly described  Illinois regions. IDPH will monitor if these indicators show an increase in COVID-19 disease burden  with a  simultaneous decrease in hospital capacity OR if there are three consecutive days averaging greater than or equal to 8% test positivity rate.  By looking at the IDPH's regional COVID-19 map, you are able to monitor the rates for each area.

These indicators can be used to determine whether additional community mitigation interventions are needed for a region to control the further spread of COVID-19.

Once a region meets resurgence criteria, then mitigation options from a tiered menu will be considered.  If sustained increases in health metrics continue unabated, further mitigations could be added from additional tiers. 

Phase 4 of restore Illinois Allows Indoor Dining, Other Activities with Restrictions in Place
With certain capacity restrictions in place, residents can once again enjoy dining indoors and other activities that have been off limits for months as Restore Illinois Phase 4 begins on Friday, June 26. The Phase 4 changes will affect many facets of public life. Please refer to this overview of what changes will occur during the state’s Phase 4.

We are pleased to convey that Arlington Alfresco will continue through Labor Day in the Downtown area of Vail Avenue and Campbell Street. With Phase 4, all restaurants can return to providing indoor dining starting June 26th, with limited capacity for parties of up to 10 people. Local restaurants may resume their regular hours of business for indoor seating. Arlington Alfresco, which includes outdoor dining zones, will remain open every day and close at 11 p.m. Learn more about Phase 4 changes.
Financial Assistance for Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic
As part of the a recent Covid Relief Package approved by the Village Board, much of a $165,000 supplemental federal grant received by the Village will be allocated to the emergency assistance fund for residents who qualify for the program. If you are in need of emergency assistance, please review the Financial Assistance Application.

Arlington Alfresco Opens  June 3
The Village is excited to bring back some vibrancy to our Downtown hub of Vail Avenue and Campbell Street now that the State has loosened some restrictions as part of the Restore Illinois plan. Click here to review details of the plan and layout maps

Arlington Alfresco, is an open-air dining and shopping zone in the Downtown to enables restaurants, stores and businesses to expand their capacity into designated zones within the Arlington Alfresco footprint. 

Restaurants outside of the Downtown who want to use part of their private property for outdoor dining can fill out the Outdoor Dining on Private Property application.