"Sharrows" Placed on Dryden

Sharrows Mark Shared Bike-Car Lanes
Posted on 10/14/2018

You may have noticed new markings on Dryden Avenue, wondering what it's for. The new pavement markings you see on Dryden are called Shared Lane Markings, or “sharrows”.  These road markings are used to indicate a shared lane environment for bicycles and automobiles. 

One application of “sharrows” is for streets that are not wide enough to have designated bike lanes, as is the case on Dryden Avenue between Miner Street and Oakton Avenue.  Some benefits of the “sharrows” are to alert motorists that cyclists may also be in the roadway, and to position bicyclists, that choose to ride in the street, out of the “door zone” of parked cars.  

The pavement markings are a recommend improvement for this segment of the Arlington Heights Bikeway Network in the updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The update was approved by the Village Board in September 2017.