Winter 411

Winter in Arlington Heights

Looking for information on what to do if or when the winter weather stirs up trouble?  You have come to the right page!  Whether you want to know where to go to keep warm, what to do in a power outage, who plows what, or if someone can help you shovel your driveway, we hope to provide the answers you are looking for.  Any suggestions?  We welcome them!  Contact Us with your questions or comments and let us know what you'd like to see pertaining to Winter Weather in Arlington Heights!

Help & FAQ's

Who Plows What?
Excellent question!  All of the streets/roads throughout Arlington Heights are maintained by either the State, the County, or the Village.  Many of the major thoroughfares are under the jurisdiction and maintained by either Cook County or IDOT, such as:

  • Algonquin Road
  • Arlington Heights Road
  • Central Road 
  • Dundee Road
  • Golf Road
  • Lake Cook Road
  • Northwest Highway
  • Palatine Road
  • Rand Road

This list is just a brief synopsis - - please review our Snow Removal Street Jurisdiction Map for a comprehensive list of our roads and who maintains them.

As for the sidewalksPublic Works staff clears snow and ice from 7.3 miles of sidewalks during each snow or ice event. Crews typically focus their efforts around the morning and evening commute to giving commuters clear walks leading to the parking garages and commuter lots. During snow falls that exceed 10” of snow, an additional 17 miles of sidewalks are cleared near schools.

Most of the sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice using a mechanical broom that is mounted in front of a tractor. Using mechanical brooms to clear snow from sidewalks has enabled the Village to drastically reduce the amount of salt needed each year.

Power Outages
In the event of a power outage, we would direct you to your electrical company, such as ComEd, as the Village does not have any authority in managing large, private utilities.  

The Illinois Commerce Commission is the State agency that regulates Commonwealth Edison.  The ICC is responsible for ensuring adequate, efficient, and reliable public utility services.  Please visit their website or contact them at 312.814.2859.

Warming Centers
Warming Center hours and locations within the Village will be determined when temperatures prove necessary.  Residents are encouraged to either check back here or follow us on NextdoorTwitter and Facebook, where notifications are posted.  The Arlington Heights Senior Center, and the Arlington Heights Memorial Library have been known locations in the past - - but again, we will provide updates as to current hours & locations as soon as they are available.  In emergencies, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.