Electric Vehicle Public Charging Stations

The Village of Arlington Heights offers Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, within the Vail Street Parking Garage. Please note that these spaces are reserved exclusively for the use of charging EVs. Non-EVs that are parked in an EV parking spot are subject to ticketing. 

How to Use the EV Parking Spaces
The cost for charging is $1 per hour. Please note the time limit for parking within these spaces is 4 hours. Payment can be made by creating an account via the Blink Mobile app, or by paying with a credit card directly at the charging unit.
  • Blink Mobile App - Download Now! (blinkcharging.com)
  • Hours and Rules for Usage
    • 4 Hours - 6am-10pm
    • 8 Hours – 10pm-6am
    • Vehicles that remain longer than the specified time limit are subject to a fine of $25, whether the vehicle is plugged in or not.
    • EVs must be plugged in to utilize spaces. Unplugged EVs are subject to ticketing.

EV Charging Spaces For General Public Use
Four EV charging parking spaces are available for public use on the first floor of the garage, near the northeast entrance of the garage off of Vail Avenue. 

EV Charging Stations for Downtown Arlington Heights Residents
The Village has also installed Level 2 EV charging units on the 2nd floor of the Vail Avenue Parking Garage to serve resident parking spaces. If you are a resident that wants to request an account to use. For Downtown residents, please email evcharging@vah.com for information on where to access units, and to request an EV charging account. EV charger access is limited to resident overnight permit holders only.

About the EV Parking Space
Non-EVs parked in designated EV charging spaces are subject to parking ticketing. Please contact 9-1-1 to report illegally parked vehicles.

Village Contact
For general inquiries, comments, or concerns, please email evcharging@vah.com