LED Lighting Programs

Lighting Upgrades

In 2011, the Traffic Unit completed a lighting project in the downtown area. New Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures were installed replacing the existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures. These new fixtures are energy conserving and will lower the villages operating expenses. In total three hundred fifty four (354) fixtures were installed. These street/pedestrian level applications for LED lights have been well received and these fixtures have performed well.  The existing fixtures were separated, sorted, and recycled. Funding for this project was secured through the Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG)

In 2012 the Traffic Department personnel completed a project with the installation of induction lighting in the Evergreen, and Municipal parking garages. Existing Metal Halide components were removed, and Induction lighting retro kits were installed. A total of 284 units were converted. This retrofit project will result in an annual energy consumption savings of approximately 60%. Funding for this project was secured through the Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG). The Metal Halide components were separated, sorted, and properly recycled.  

In 2015, the Traffic Unit installed a new motion/presence activated lighting control for the Green Exhibit in the downtown train station. This type of lighting control demonstrates the technology available for energy conservation.

In 2017, the Traffic Unit personnel removed sixty-four Metal Halide type fixtures and replaced them with Light Emitting Diode (LED) type fixtures. The village participated in a reimbursement program through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCEO) to complete this project. The Traffic Unit personnel removed fifty High-Pressure Sodium type fixtures and replaced them with LED-type fixtures in the Lost Creek subdivision and surrounding area. Participation in the DCEO reimbursement program was used for this project as well.

In 2019, staff developed and bid out a seven-year replacement program, and projects to replace 400 fixtures each year. The chosen fixtures will provide a longer useful life and will lower long-term maintenance costs. In addition to these positive impacts, LED streetlights will significantly reduce energy costs. Each year, staff will replace 400 fixtures and span until all fixtures have been replaced. 

Village of Arlington Heights Energy Efficiency Results

Since the start of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program in 2008, ComEd business and residential customers have saved more than $6.4 billion on their electric bills and 59.4 million megawatt hours of energy - that's enough to power 6.8 million homes for a year.

From 2008 - 2021, ComEd's 9,600 business and residential customers in Arlington Heights saved a combined $2,254,900. That's the total energy savings equivalent to 3,200 homes powered for 1 year. It is also equivalent to 32,653,500 pounds of CO2 reduced annually, and is the same impact as 19,200 acres of trees planted each year. See Full Report