Chapter 1 | Employment

Each rule and each section of the Personnel Policy Manual is an independent rule. The holding of any rule or section to be void, invalid or ineffective for any reason does not affect the validity of any other rule or section. In the event that any of the policies in this Personnel Policy Manual are found to be in conflict with the laws of the State of Illinois, the rules of the Fire and Police Commission or any current collective bargaining agreement between the Village and some of its employees, the laws, rules or agreements shall take precedence. 

1.1 Equal Employment Opportunity

The Village complies with all applicable State and Federal laws in regard to equal opportunities in employment and in administering all aspects of employment without regard to sex, color, race, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, physical and mental handicap, marital status, military status, sexual orientation or any other protected group status. The Village forbids retaliation against any employee filing a complaint of discrimination pursuant to this policy. 

A. Any employee who feels subjected to discrimination shall inform the Director of Human Resources. All complaints will be investigated. The Director of Human Resources will be responsible for coordinating all investigations. Results of the investigation shall remain confidential to the extent permitted by law. 

B. Any employee found to have illegally discriminated against an employee or applicant shall be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. 

1.2 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

Every effort will be made to fill open positions as quickly as possible with qualified individuals. Current employees who are qualified and express interest will be given every consideration when selecting individuals to fill open positions. In recruiting and hiring, as well as all other conditions of employment, the Village gives equal employment opportunity to all individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, citizenship (except as otherwise permitted by law), or disability. In addition, the Village complies with any affirmative action requirements that apply and all EEO requirements that apply under federal, State and local law. 

A. The Human Resources Department has the responsibility for coordinating recruitment, screening and placement of applicants for employment. Village positions that are open and approved by the Village Manager are posted on bulletin boards in each department and other Village locations. 

B. Vacant positions shall either be posted internally for at least five working days or both internally and externally concurrently. External postings are generally posted for at least two weeks, or as deemed appropriate by the Director of Human Resources and the appropriate department representative. Current employees may apply for positions when posted internally or externally. 

C. The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruiting outside candidates through the most appropriate means available. When hiring new employees, preference will be given to Arlington Heights residents, all other factors being equal. The Village utilizes a variety of media and contacts including advertising in newspapers and professional publications, agencies, and schools. All applicants for Village employment shall file applications with the Human Resources Department on forms provided by the Village. 

D. Examinations utilized to determine the qualifications of both internal and external applicants may be written, oral, physical, or in the form of a demonstration of skills, or any combination of the above. Applicants who, on the basis of their application, appear to be qualified will be tested as applicable. Every applicant is required to sign the appropriate release forms in order to allow the Village the right to conduct an appropriate background investigation. The background investigation must be completed prior to an offer for employment being extended. 

E. Job offers will be contingent on the applicant passing a mandatory drug-screening test, background check, and physical, when applicable, at a time and place arranged by the Village. (See Drug-Free Workplace Policy for additional information on drug screening.) 

F. The Director of Human Resources may disqualify an applicant for cause, including the following reasons:

  • The applicant does not meet the requirements established for the position.
  • The applicant has failed to correctly submit the application.
  • The applicant is found to lack the ability to perform any of the essential functions of the job.
  • The applicant has made a false statement securing employment.
  • The applicant has been convicted of a job-related felony.

G. Once the Department Director, the Director of Human Resources and the Village Manager have given approval, an offer of employment shall be extended. The Director of Human Resources shall inform the applicant about terms of employment, starting salary, hiring date and other pertinent information. 

H. All individuals who receive offers of employment must furnish proof of identity and employment eligibility within their first three days of employment, as required by federal immigration law. The new employee must also sign INS Form I-9, as required by federal law. 

I. Relatives of employees and relatives of appointed Village officials’, either by blood or marriage, may be employed by the Village on a competitive basis when appropriate. Before hiring decisions are made, every effort will be taken to identify and avoid both conflict of interest, and the appearance of impropriety that could undermine the public trust. Under no circumstances will an employee and his/her relative be permitted to work in an environment where one directly supervises the other. For purposes of this section I and section J below only, relative is defined as spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, stepparent, stepchild, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew. Relatives of employees shall not be employed by the Village for temporary or seasonal work or unpaid internships. 

 J. Relatives of elected Village officials’ shall not be employed by the Village under any employment conditions, including temporary or seasonal work or unpaid internships. 

1.3 Pre-Employment Testing

When appropriate, the Village shall use pre-employment testing as a measure to screen applicants. 

A. Applicants with test scores that have been on file for more than one year need to retest. 

B. Prior to an interview, applicants for clerical positions and data entry positions may be required to take typing and/or data entry tests. Two typing tests may be taken within each 30-day period. The highest score will remain on file and active for one year. 

C. If an employee is currently employed with the Village in a position requiring the same typing speed as the position they are seeking, the employee is not required to be tested. 

D. Any job skills tests may be retaken as long as 30 days have passed since the prior test. The most recent score will remain on file and be active for one year. 

E. The Human Resources Director, in consultation with the Department Director or supervisor, may test or waive testing for any position where it would be appropriate. 

F. All testing will be coordinated through the Human Resources Department. 

1.4 Medical Examinations

The Village requires a pre-employment medical examination by a licensed physician for certain job classifications. This examination is designed to evaluate a candidate’s fitness to perform the essential functions of the job for which the candidate is being considered. In addition, the Village may require medical examinations, including psychological evaluations, physical fitness exams and/or drug and alcohol tests, to determine whether an employee is fit to perform the essential functions of a job, for either a current position or for promotion purposes. All medical examinations will be in compliance with federal and state laws. 

A. The Village will select a licensed physician to conduct the medical examinations and will assume all costs associated with the examinations. Arrangements for all required medical examinations will be made by the Village. The results of the medical examinations shall be maintained separately from employees’ personnel files and shall be kept strictly confidential. 

B. Certain classifications of Fire Department, Police Department, and Publics Works Department employees are required to have medical examinations throughout the course of their employment. 

C. As mutual protection for the employee and the Village, the Village Manager or the Director of Human Resources may require an employee to submit to a complete medical examination by a licensed physician designated by the Village, when it appears that the employee may have become seriously limited or weakened by virtue of impaired health so as to be unable to perform the essential functions of the job. In such cases, the Village will temporarily remove an active employee from duty or prohibit an inactive employee from returning to duty until the employee’s fitness for duty has been evaluated. During such time that the employee is removed from duty and waiting for the examination and the results of the examination, the employee shall remain on regular pay status. 

D. For purposes of this section, an employee lacks the physical and mental requirements necessary to perform the essential functions of the job if the employee is unable to perform the essential functions of the job or poses a significant risk to the employee’s own safety, the safety of fellow employees, or the safety of the public. 

E. In the event of illness or non-duty related injury, an employee may be required to provide medical documentation of any work restrictions or inability to perform the essential functions of the job from their personal physician and at their own cost. 

1.5 Probationary Period for New Employees

The Village of Arlington Heights provides a probationary period for new employees in order to allow the Village ample time to evaluate the potential and performance of a new employee and to provide ample time for the employee to learn to perform the duties of the position. 

A. The probationary period is one year for all positions, unless a different probationary period is established in a collective bargaining agreement.  

B.  A performance evaluation will be conducted for all employees at the end of their probationary period.  

C. During the probationary period of a new employee, employment may be terminated at any time for any lawful reason. Probationary employees may not grieve a termination decision. 

Effective Date:  January 1, 2000
Revised: September, 2019

1.6 New Employee Orientations

All newly hired regular full-time and regular part-time employees will attend an orientation session within the first month of their employment with the Village in order to ensure that they receive consistent and appropriate information regarding their employment. This orientation will include a general review of applicable benefit information, Village policies and guidelines and an overview of the working organization of the Village. 

A. The Human Resources Department is responsible for coordinating new employee orientation. This orientation shall, at a minimum, include the following: Completion of required forms Explanation of services and benefits available to employees Distribution and acceptance of the Employee Handbook Communication of the history, philosophy and values of the Village Explanation of the organizational structure of the Village Assignment of employee parking lot sticker As applicable, scheduling of picture for employee identification card 

B. The hiring department shall provide, at a minimum, the following additional information: Specific duties of the position Hours of work, time cards or reports, leave requests Tour of work area including location of supplies and office equipment Introduction to co-workers and other departments Safety rules and procedures, location of safety or protective equipment 

1.7 Promotions

The Village attempts to fill vacancies in positions by promotion of current qualified employees. Employees are encouraged to apply for any vacancy for which they may qualify. 

A. Selection of an employee for a promotion is based on job knowledge, ability, skills, past work record, education, relevant experience and other job-related criteria. 

B. In cases where only one employee applies for a position and the person's abilities and qualifications meet the selection criteria set forth above, the selection process may be expedited or dispensed with upon concurrence of the Director of Human Resources. 

C. Whenever an employee is promoted to a higher position, the employee will receive a salary increase of at least five percent. Upon promotion, the new pay rate shall not exceed the maximum of the new pay range. 

D. A promotion does not change an employee's date of hire. However, the employee's anniversary date for future pay increases will be changed to coincide with the effective date of the promotion. 

E. The probationary period for a promoted employee is one year for all positions. 

1.8 Lateral Transfers

The Village permits the lateral transfer of qualified employees. 

A. Any current employee interested in applying for a lateral transfer must file a completed Village application form with the Human Resources Department. If the employee meets the stated requirements of the position, the employee will proceed through the regular hiring process with all other internal applicants. 

B. There will be no increase in salary for a lateral transfer. Transfers do not change an employee's date of hire or anniversary date for future pay increases. 

C. Transferred employees will serve a probationary period in the new position. 

D. Transferred employees are eligible for all fringe benefits included with the new position. 

E. Transfers may be initiated by the Village in instances where the Village's best interests will be served. 

1.9 Demotions

The Village may reassign an employee to a position in a lower job classification as a result of administrative changes or by an employee's request. 

A. The pay of an employee who is demoted may be adjusted as determined by the Department Director in consultation with the Human Resources Director and approval of the Village Manager. The amount of the pay adjustment must be in line with internal equity and the nature of the administrative change. 

B. A demotion does not change an employee's hire date. However, if there is a pay adjustment, the employee's anniversary date for future salary increase will change. 

C. No employee shall be demoted to a position for which the employee does not possess the minimum qualifications to perform the essential functions of the job. 

D. Employees demoted to new positions are subject to the standard probationary period for the new position, unless the Village Manager specifically waives the probationary period.