How to Access Citizen Self Service Portal for Permits and Licenses

November 28, 2023
Village of Arlington Heights Citizen Self Portal The Village has launched its new Citizen Self-Service Portal, which will be required for all residents, businesses, and contractors to utilize through the permitting and licensing process, as well as zoning entitlements/applications. 

The new EnerGov system and Citizen Self Serve Portal was launched on Tuesday, Dec. 12th. In order to begin the permit process, all users will be required to create a login for their user portal. Please note that emergency permits (sewers, furnace, etc.) will be accommodated.

How to Access the Portal 
The portal will be available at, by clicking "permits & licenses" from the home page. 
home page permit circled

  • Access to the portal can also be found found on by searching a variety of words, including: portal, permit, license, contractor, and words commonly associated with permits and licenses.
  • The link will also be available at